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The dedicated Utah slip and fall lawyers at Swenson & Shelley have a proven track record of recovering full compensation for our clients. When you trip over something, most of the time it’s no big deal. You may not hurt yourself and you just try to brush off the embarrassment. If you are here, that is probably not what happened to you. You may be eligible for a slip and fall claim if you were seriously injured due to someone else’s negligence. These slip and falls can cause injuries that can truly shake your normal life. We want you to know that we are here for you. After you read a little bit about your slip and fall claim, please call our office as soon as you can so that we can get the ball rolling and ensure you are on track for a very successful claim.

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Slip and Fall Statistics

Utah Slip and Fall LawyersThe number of slip and fall victims each year, as well as the many injuries they suffer, are quite startling. The statistics for slip and fall accidents include injuries from many different places. From employees hurt at work, to customers injured while patronizing a business, the statistics take a sweeping look at all the people who suffer from these accidents each year. It is evident that slips and falls are extremely common, and injuries suffered can be extreme. These statistics provide a look into the devastation of slip and fall accidents throughout the year.

  • Falls are the number one cause of accidental injury
  • Slips and falls account for nearly one million emergency room visits each year
  • Women are more likely to suffer a slip and fall injury than men
  • Slips and falls are the leading cause of workers compensation claims
  • In 2015, 15,000 people over the age of 65 suffered a fatality from a fall

Common Slip and Fall Injuries

As mentioned, these accidents are sometimes severe and can lead to missed time at work which makes it harder for you to pay any medical bills that are coming your way. Here are the most common slip and fall injuries that we see in our clients:

  • Broken bones
  • Fractures
  • Cuts and lacerations
  • Bruising
  • Concussion
  • Dislocation

We will sit down with you shortly after the accident and discuss your health condition. We need to get an idea of how bad you are and how long it will take to get back to 100%. If 100% is not an option, we will take that into consideration. Once we know how long your recovery will take and what you will need to get better, we will have a better understanding of how much compensation we need to ask the liable party’s insurance company for.

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What to Do After You Fall

A key thing to know after your slip and fall is that your health is more important than anything else. You might be embarrassed if you fell in public and want to get right out of there, but you should not leave the scene without reporting the incident. Then you can head off to the urgent care and get the medical attention you probably so badly need. If you were at a friend’s house, take photos of what you tripped or slipped on and ask your friend for their homeowner’s insurance information. Don’t worry, you are not personally suing a friend. You are bringing a claim against their insurance and those companies are well prepared for slip and fall cases.

Once you know you have reported the incident, taken photos of the cause of your injury, and perhaps gotten contact information from witnesses, you can then get to a medical professional. That might be an urgent care facility, an emergency room, or your primary physician. What ever it is, do not hesitate getting there after you have settled things at the scene of the accident. You don’t want to run the risk of worsening your condition by waiting. You also run the run the risk of having the liable party’s insurance company say that you could not have possibly been that injured and that you do not deserve compensation. They will use that against you to try to throw out your case.

Dealing with Insurance Companies

Victims of a slip and fall should never talk to insurance companies. The property or business owner’s insurer is likely to get in contact with the victim. They will make it seem as if they have the victim’s interests in mind. In reality, these insurers are focused on settling for the lowest amount possible. Anything a victim says to an insurer, or anything they sign from the insurer, greatly decreases their chance of winning a settlement. Rather than the victim talking to, and being questioned by, an insurance company, they should let their attorney do the talking. The right attorney can make sure an insurance company doesn’t harass a victim after a slip and fall accident.

Utah Slip and Fall Claims

The laws for slip and fall claims vary from state to state. Who is responsible, what victims are entitled to, and how the suit is handled can be very different from one state to the next. In Utah, there are laws in place to protect people from slips and falls, as well as laws regarding what responsibilities businesses have. Any person who has suffered a slip and fall on another person’s property should contact a personal injury attorney, such as Swenson and Shelley, for more information about slip and fall claim laws.

  • Property and business owners are required to make their property safe for all visitors
  • Slip and fall accidents fall under premise liability, which also includes dog bites and negligence
  • Filing slip and fall claims that occurred on government property can be more difficult
  • The way the case is treated may depend on the victim’s relationship with the property owner

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How to Get the Most Compensation

Utah has shared fault rules and you can fall into one of three possible categories when it comes to compensation. First, if you are 50% – 100% at fault for your accident (which barely happens) you will be completely barred from receiving compensation. The next category is when you are less than 50% at fault for the accident. You may have been on your phone you fell. Let’s say you were 20% at fault. When you get your compensation award, it will be reduced by 20% to account for your fault. Lastly, you could possibly share no fault in the accident and not have any reduction in your compensation which is obviously the best case scenario. The best way to make sure you don’t have any reduction is to avoid talking to the insurance company when they ask you for a recorded statement. They don’t really want to help you. They want to throw out your case. Also, to avoid having your case thrown out, you should be aware of the statute of limitations. You have four years from the date of the accident to get your case started or settle it in court. Do not delay this process because if you miss the deadline, you will no longer be eligible for compensation and there’s nothing we can do to reverse that.

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