Utah Bicycle Accident Attorneys

bicyclist riding on empty road

The experienced Utah bicycle accident attorneys at Swenson & Shelley can help you recover full compensation for your injuries. Biking is an excellent form of exercise and a very inexpensive form of transportation. It can be less than enjoyable when a bike ride turns into an accident. These bike accidents can cause catastrophic injuries because you don’t have much protection from the elements and the impact. Our job is to help guide you through this difficult time. One of our Utah bicycle accident attorneys would be glad to sit down with you for a free consultation to go over what your legal options are and how to get you the most compensation possible.

Types of Bike Accident Injuries

Bike accidents, as mentioned prior, are potentially catastrophic. You take the full impact from a car or truck and then you have the added consequences of the impact with the ground if you’re thrown from the bike. The most common types of bike accident injuries include:

These injuries have the potential to permanently damage you and change your life forever. The good thing about a bike accident claim is that the amount of compensation you get is related to your injuries. If you are terribly injured from your bike accident, you won’t just be offered a flat rate award. It will be awarded based on your medical bills, lost wages, and out-of-pocket expenses.