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At Swenson & Shelley, our Cedar City car accident lawyers know that last year, a vehicle collision occurred every 8.9 minutes, a person was injured in a crash every 20.8 minutes, and a person died in a crash every 27.5 hours throughout Utah, according to the Utah Department of Public Safety Highway Safety Office.

Cedar City is in a unique location that gives residents and visitors access to Interstate 15, which connects the city with St. George and Las Vegas to the southwest and Interstate 70 and Salt Lake City to the north. Both major Interstates provide access to other well-traveled cities, including Los Angeles and San Diego to the southwest, Phoenix to the south, and Denver to the northeast.

This continuously traveled access can lead to increased traffic crashes caused by negligence throughout Iron County. If you have been injured or lost a loved one to another motorist’s negligence—whether they live in Utah or are visiting from another state—our experienced Cedar City auto accident attorneys want to help you pursue the liable party for your complete financial recovery needs, starting with a free consultation.

Car Accident Law in Cedar City

What are the Most Common Causes of Car Accidents, Injuries & Fatalities in Cedar City, Utah?

Traffic collisions in Cedar City can occur at intersections, on city streets, and on busy interstates. Unfortunately, no matter where they occur, they can cause significant injuries and even tragic fatalities when negligence is a factor.

According to the Utah Department of Public Safety Highway Safety Office, the most common causes of crashes throughout the state last year included:

  • Failed to Keep in the Proper Lane.
  • Failed to Yield Right-of-Way.
  • Followed Too Closely.
  • Over-Correcting/Over-Steering.
  • Ran Off Road.
  • Speeding.
  • Unsafe Lane Changes.

The most common causes of traffic crash fatalities last year were:

  • 7% of deaths involved Distracted Driving.
  • 10% of deaths involved Aggressive Driving.
  • 21% of deaths involved a Drunk Driver (BAC 0.05 & above).
  • 35% of deaths were Speed-related.

Tragically, each of these negligent actions could have been prevented if the driver acted responsibly and upheld their duty of care to other motorists. Unfortunately, those who are injured or lose their loved ones typically never see the liable driver coming.

If you or someone you love has had your life changed because of a negligent driver in Utah, contact our skilled car accident attorneys in Cedar City today to schedule a free consultation to learn more about your legal rights and actions to hold them accountable for your financial recovery.

Who Can Be Held Liable for Negligent Teenage Driver Accidents in Cedar City, Utah?

The Utah Department of Public Safety Highway Safety Office reported that teenage drivers accounted for 23% of crashes last year, higher than any other age group.

There are several reasons this is true, and may include:

  • Inexperience.
  • Risk-taking Behavior.
  • Peer/Passenger Influence.
  • Distracted Driving, especially Cellphone Use.
  • Overconfidence.

No matter the cause of the crash, other motorists are often confused about who can be held liable for crashes caused by teenage drivers. The reality is that they are required to carry the minimum amount of insurance as all other Utah drivers.

Utah law mandates that auto insurance policies provide the following:

  • $25,000 per person for bodily injury.
  • $65,000 per accident for bodily injury.
  • $15,000 per accident for property.

Utah’s no-fault law also requires a minimum of $3,000 in PIP coverage. PIP is a broad term for the coverage that will pay for your medical expenses in case of an accident.

Most teenage drivers are insured under their parent’s policies, which can be pursued like any other vehicle insurance policy when the driver negligently operates their vehicles. If there is any confusion about your financial recovery options, we can help.

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