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After a serious truck accident, you may be left struggling to cope with the devastating aftermath. Medical bills, long-term care, missed paychecks, and ongoing expenses can add up to a financial catastrophe. Not to mention the daily pain and stress that you are experiencing. At Swenson & Shelley, we understand the pressure you’re under. Our Salt Lake City truck accident lawyers are here to help.

Our attorneys have the experience and resources needed to take on even the toughest, most complex truck accident claims. Big trucking companies and insurers will do whatever it takes to avoid responsibility to compensate you for the harm they have caused. You need a Salt Lake City truck accident law firm that is committed to fighting for the best possible outcome in your case. Our dedicated legal team will handle every detail of your truck accident claim so that you can stay focused on your treatment and rehabilitation.

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Truck Accident Claims Are More Complicated Than a Typical Car Accident Case

Pursuing a trucking accident claim is often more complex than your average car accident claim. This is because:

  • Truck accidents tend to cause more serious injuries due to the big-rig’s sheer size.
  • Truck accident cases often involve greater amounts of compensation due to the extent of accident victims’ injuries.
  • Truck accidents may have more parties who can be held liable for injury victims’ losses, as multiple companies are involved in operating commercial trucks.
  • Investigating truck accident cases requires examining many more pieces of evidence, as state and federal regulations on the trucking industry require extensive record-keeping.
  • Trucking companies may have layered insurance coverages and complex business structures that can make it difficult to determine the amount of insurance coverage or financial resources available for a truck accident claim.

Why You Need a Salt Lake City Truck Accident Lawyer For Your Case

Fighting for full compensation from negligent trucking companies can be a difficult process. Big trucking corporations and their insurers have extensive resources to help them delay and deny claims of injured accident victims. To help level the playing field, you need an experienced truck accident attorney who knows how to handle these types of claims.

A Salt Lake City truck accident lawyer from Swenson & Shelley can help with your case by:

  • Investigating the accident to secure and review all the available evidence to determine who can be held liable for compensation for your injuries and losses
  • Determining the extent of the trucking companies’ insurance coverage
  • Documenting your injuries and calculating your past, ongoing, and anticipated future losses
  • Working with medical, financial, and vocational experts as well as experts in accident reconstruction and the trucking industry to help us craft a persuasive case on your behalf
  • Filing insurance claims in your truck accident case and aggressively pursuing settlement negotiations for fair and full compensation for you
  • Taking your case to court, if necessary, and pursuing litigation through trial to fight for the maximum financial recovery you deserve

What Compensation Can Be Recovered for Truck Accident Injuries?

If you suffered injuries from a truck accident, you might be entitled to recover compensation for a wide range of expenses and losses. A truck accident claim could provide you with financial recovery for:

  • Costs of medical treatment and rehab, including emergency room care, surgeries or other medical procedures, physical/occupational therapy, pain medications, and medical/mobility devices or equipment
  • Loss of income due to time missed from work during your recovery
  • Loss of future earnings and employment benefits like health insurance if you are disabled and unable to work
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment and quality of life because of visible disfigurement/scarring or permanent physical or cognitive disabilities caused by your injuries

Who Could Be Held Liable for an 18-Wheeler Accident in Salt Lake City?

In other kinds of motor vehicle accidents, responsibility for wrecks usually lies with one or more of the drivers involved. However, many other parties may have fault for a commercial truck crash. Examples of parties who can be held liable for an 18-wheeler accident in Utah include:

  • The truck driver
  • The trucking company that employs or retains the truck driver
  • The truck’s owner, if not the driver or trucking company
  • The cargo/freight company
  • A third-party mechanic/auto shop that maintains the truck or trailer
  • The truck’s manufacturer or third-party manufacturers of parts used on the truck

Truck Accident Investigations: How Is Fault Determined?

At Swenson & Shelley, we conduct an extensive investigation to determine responsibility for your truck accident. Fault can be determined by using evidence such as:

  • The truck driver’s hours of service logs
  • Logs from the truck’s electronic data recorder or a black box, which is a type of device that records information about the truck’s operation, such as GPS position, speed, hours of operation, or driver inputs
  • Results from a post-accident alcohol/drug screen if one is performed on the truck driver
  • The truck driver’s employment and driving records
  • The truck’s inspection and maintenance records
  • The cargo/load manifest
  • Footage from surveillance cameras, traffic cameras, or dashcam/in-cab cameras
  • Eyewitness statements
  • Accident scene photos and videos
  • Police accident reports
  • Expert accident reconstruction reports

How Long Do You Have to File a Truck Accident Claim in Utah?

In Utah, the statute of limitations on truck accident lawsuits gives you only four years from the date of a crash to file suit against the responsible party. If you wait until after the statute of limitations has expired, your case may end up being permanently dismissed by the trial court. At that point, you also lose any leverage you had in negotiating with the insurance company for a settlement.

It is in your best interests to begin working with a qualified attorney as soon as possible after a truck accident. An attorney from Swenson & Shelley can work quickly to preserve evidence before it is lost or destroyed.

What Can You Do to Protect Your Rights After a Truck Accident in Salt Lake City?

There are several steps you can take to protect your rights after a wreck:

  • See a doctor for treatment as soon as possible. Make sure to follow your doctor’s treatment instructions.
  • Keep records of your bills, invoices, and receipts for expenses you’ve incurred, as well as copies of your income statements if you miss work after the accident.
  • Keep all evidence and information related to the crash, such as the names and contact details for any witnesses and any photos or videos you took at the scene.
  • Avoid posting about the crash or your injuries on social media. Any posts could be construed as contradicting your official claims and could be used against you.
  • Speak to a Salt Lake City truck accident lawyer at Swenson & Shelley as soon as possible to go over the next steps in pursuing a claim for compensation.

Common Causes of Commercial Truck Accidents in Salt Lake City

Some of the most frequent reoccurring causes of commercial truck crashes in Salt Lake City include:

  • Speeding
  • Reckless driving
  • Tailgating or following too closely
  • Failing to check mirrors and blind spots
  • Failing to use signals before turning or changing lanes
  • Taking wide turns
  • Drowsy or fatigued driving
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Distracted driving
  • Inexperience with operating big-rigs
  • Overloaded or unsecured cargo
  • Unfamiliarity with routes or local roads
  • Inadequate vehicle inspections or maintenance
  • Defective truck parts
  • Nighttime driving
  • Adverse weather conditions
  • Poor road conditions, including icy roads or potholes

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