Utah Construction Accident Attorneys

construction accident

The experienced Utah construction accident attorneys at Swenson & Shelley understand that construction zones are naturally a dangerous place to be. There is a lot going on, heavy machinery, raw material, and heights involved that make it such a hazardous environment. Whether you are a worker at the site or are a passerby who got hurt, you are eligible for a construction accident personal injury case. The nature of these cases is to reimburse you for the medical bills, lost wages, lost earning capability, and other accident-related expenses you’ve had to deal with. Our experienced Utah construction accident attorney is here to guide you through your case and fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

Common Types of Accidents and Injuries

As mentioned, there is a lot going on at a construction site so the types of accidents vary. All of the follow types of injuries are qualified as construction accidents. They include:

  • Falling from heights (roofs, ladders, elevators, scaffolding, etc.)
  • Collapsing of structures (trenches, buildings, etc.)
  • Heavy machinery or equipment accidents (forklifts, cranes, etc.)
  • Defective products or tools
  • Electrical accidents
  • Falling objects

The types of injuries that these accidents cause can be catastrophic. You might be able to recover from them over time, or you may have to have medical care for the rest of your life. The most common types of construction accident injuries include:

  • Cuts and laceration
  • Exposure to toxic chemicals
  • Nerve, tendon, or tissue damage

As you probably already know, these injuries are awful. They deserve the immediate attention of a medical professional, so make sure that is the first thing you consider after the dust settles.