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At Swenson & Shelley, our Provo personal injury lawyers have a unique understanding of this city, which is home to Brigham Young University (BYU), one of the largest private universities in the United States. We recognize its vital academic programs, the university’s affiliation with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church), and the significant number of church members in the student body.

The LDS Church has a strong presence in Provo, shaping the city’s culture, community activities, and values. Many of the city’s over 113,500 residents are members of the church, which influences local events, educational institutions, and social norms.

Provo also hosts one of the world’s largest LDS Missionary Training Centers (MTC), where thousands of missionaries receive training before being sent out globally.

Unfortunately, with increased traffic, events, and shared spaces occupying Provo, vehicle collisions, pedestrian accidents, and bicycle crashes are all common here, placing our fellow Utah residents at risk for severe injuries and tragic fatalities that could have been prevented.

Our Utah County personal injury attorneys understand the daunting uncertainties you face regarding your health, finances, and future after a severe accident. We take pride in our track record of helping thousands of people regain control of their lives after negligent actions or inactions of another have turned their lives upside down.

If you have been hurt or lost a loved one to negligence, contact our dedicated personal injury attorneys in Provo to evaluate the specific circumstances of your case and determine the best course of action. We can provide guidance on your legal rights, assess the strength of your claim, and help you pursue fair compensation for your injuries and losses, starting with a free consultation.

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Understanding the Personal Injury Law in Provo, Utah

Our Personal Injury Attorneys in Provo, Utah Represent All Accident Victims on a Contingency Basis

At Swenson & Shelley, our personal injury lawyers in Provo know that countless forms of negligence lead to injuries and fatalities throughout the state every day.

Our dedicated Provo personal injury attorneys represent clients who have been injured or tragically lost their loved ones to negligence during:

  • Auto Accidents.
  • Bicycle Accidents.
  • Boating Accidents.
  • Bus Accidents.
  • Construction Accidents.
  • Dog Bite Injuries.
  • Motorcycle Accidents.
  • Pedestrian Accidents.
  • Sex Abuse Claims.
  • Slip & Fall Incidents.
  • Truck Accidents.
  • Uber / Lyft Rideshare Accidents.
  • Wrongful Death.

If another person or party’s negligence has injured you or someone you love, we want to hear your story to help you understand your legal rights and options to pursue a claim for your complete financial recovery needs. Contact our Provo personal injury attorneys to schedule a free consultation today.

Who Can Be Held Liable for Premises Liability Accidents and Injuries in Provo, Utah?

Provo has more than 100 restaurants—with over 60 in the downtown area—and The Shops At Riverwoods and Provo Towne Centre provide leisure, social, and shopping opportunities for residents and visitors. Several small shops, music venues, and boutiques have popped up downtown, along Center Street and University Avenue, adding to an already vibrant arts scene.

As these areas become more popular and crowded, the likelihood of slip-and-fall incidents, parking lot accidents, and collisions at busy intersections rises.

Additionally, the rush to serve more customers can sometimes lead to lapses in safety protocols within establishments, such as poorly maintained floors or inadequate lighting. Combining these factors creates an environment where accidents are more likely to occur, increasing the potential for personal injury.

If you have been injured on public or private property in Provo, you may be eligible to pursue a personal injury claim against the liable party.

That may include:

  • Property Owners

Private property owners, such as homeowners, rental property owners, and landowners, are responsible for safely maintaining their premises to prevent visitors’ injuries. Businesses, including retail stores, restaurants, and office buildings, must ensure their properties are safe for customers, employees, and visitors. This includes addressing hazards such as wet floors, uneven surfaces, and poorly lit areas.

  • Landlords

Landlords of rental properties have a duty to ensure that common areas, including hallways, staircases, and parking lots, are safe and adequately maintained. They may also be responsible for addressing hazardous conditions within individual rental units, especially if they are aware of the issue and fail to act. Commercial property landlords must maintain the safety of common areas and may be liable for accidents that occur due to their negligence.

  • Property Managers

Property managers responsible for a property’s day-to-day operations and maintenance can be held liable if they fail to address known hazards or do not conduct regular inspections and repairs. If a property owner delegates maintenance duties to a property manager, the manager can share liability for any accidents resulting from their negligence.

  • Tenants and Lessees

Tenants and lessees who have control over a property or a portion of it, including a leased store in a shopping mall, can be held liable for accidents within their leased space due to their failure to maintain safe conditions. Liability can depend on the terms of the lease agreement, which may specify the responsibilities of the tenant and landlord regarding property maintenance and safety.

  • Maintenance and Service Companies

Companies hired to perform maintenance, repairs, or cleaning services can be held liable if their negligence directly leads to an unsafe condition that causes an accident. For example, a snow removal company that fails to clear ice from a sidewalk properly could be liable for slip-and-fall injuries.

The specific circumstances of the accident, including who had control over the property and who was responsible for its maintenance, will determine who is liable. Consulting with our premises liability lawyers in Provo can help clarify the responsible parties and the legal options available. Accident Victims Deserve The Relentless Pursuit of Justice™ our firm can bring, starting with a free consultation.

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