John was born and raised in the farmlands and pine forests of southwest Georgia. He grew up with a strong appreciation for hard work and respect for the community. He worked after school on neighboring farms driving tractors and setting fence rows, and later for his father in reforestation projects hand-setting pine seedlings throughout South Georgia and North Florida. John learned that a strong takeaway from this line of work was the need to work hard and set his sights on an end goal and follow through. John applies this lesson in his work with each of his clients, keeping the end goal in sight as he works hard to achieve the best possible outcome for each of them.

After high school, John pursued his undergraduate degree at Georgia Southern University, where he received a bachelor’s degree in history. He later completed a master’s degree in public administration at Valdosta State University and his law degree at Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School. He worked for over 15 years as a disability examiner and hearings officer for the Social Security Administration before becoming an attorney and representing clients before the agency with their claims for benefits. John was able to use his years of experience working for the agency in representing clients before the agency.

Now, with the law firm of Swenson & Shelley PLLC, John is able to use his years of experience reading and interpreting medical records and navigating state and federal regulations for those who have been seriously injured through no fault of their own. He feels a great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment in helping the innocent receive the medical care and financial means that they need to heal and provide for themselves and their families.

When John is not working, he enjoys spending time with his wife and children hiking and exploring the great outdoors of southern Utah. He feels a strong sense of community in the area and enjoys giving back through church and civic events.