Experienced Local Counsel for Utah and Arizona Personal Injury Claims

At Swenson & Shelley Injury Attorneys, our Utah and Arizona personal injury lawyers

know that negligence isn’t restricted to where we live and work.

It is just as likely that someone will be subjected to negligent circumstances like a car crash, dangerous premises incidents, or negligent security risks while staying in a hotel or resort outside of their residential states — including while visiting states like Arizona and Utah.

Known for its deserts, canyons, and stunning natural beauty, Arizona has plenty to discover. According to the Arizona Office of Tourism, over 40 million people visited Arizona last year and spent over $28 billion. Utah’s tourism industry is also large and growing. Out-of-state visitors are drawn to Utah’s outdoor offerings, including state and national parks and historic sites where last year, 17.8 million tourists spent $10.56 billion in the state’s economy.

Unfortunately, because Utah and Arizona’s economies are strongly supported by tourism, visitors here can be injured or lose their lives to various types of negligence without notice.

This is why we are here. Licensed to practice law in Arizona and Utah, we believe Accident Victims Deserve The Relentless Pursuit of Justice™ that our firm can bring even after they return home.

Local Counsel Cases in Utah & Arizona

Which Types of Utah and Arizona Local Counsel Cases Will Swenson & Shelley Injury Attorneys Take?

If you have been hurt in an accident caused by negligence, you should not be expected to pay for the damages out of your pocket simply because you do not live in Utah or Arizona.

Whether you contact the Swenson & Shelley Injury Attorneys before you return home or leave the state and retain a personal injury attorney there, you must partner with local counsel in the state you were hurt or lost a loved one to pursue a personal injury claim.

Attorneys without legal license or jurisdiction in Utah or Arizona must also pursue injury claims that originated here in the county where they occurred by partnering with local counsel to pursue a successful claim. We can help.

Our skilled personal injury lawyers in Utah and Arizona act as local counsel for injury victims, families who have lost their loved ones to negligence, and out-of-state personal injury attorneys in the following legal areas:

If you live out of state or are an out-of-state personal injury attorney seeking local counsel in Utah or Arizona, Swenson & Shelley Injury Attorneys provide the skill and experience you need to pursue success.

In and Out-of-State Personal Injury Attorneys Trust Their Biggest Cases to Us

The best personal injury attorneys want what’s best for their clients. Sometimes, this means referring clients to a firm with the time, energy, and resources to devote to a tough case. Swenson & Shelley regularly accept cases from respected personal injury lawyers throughout Utah and Arizona and those seeking local counsel within either state.

With our extensive investigative experience and vast network of experts, we have what it takes to argue these cases to the verdict.

Everyone deserves equal access to quality legal representation after negligence has impacted their lives. Whether you seek a personal injury attorney in Utah or Arizona to represent you directly or have retained a personal injury lawyer in your home state, we can help pursue your claim, starting with a free consultation today by calling (435) 767-7777 or contacting us online.

Our skilled Utah and Arizona personal injury attorneys act as local counsel for injury victims and out-of-state attorneys and do not charge any fees upfront for our services. You only pay us when we secure payment for you. Contact us today to learn more.