Client Reviews & Testimonials

We had a great experience working with Brian Shelley and his staff. They were always great about answering questions for us throughly and quickly. They walked us through each step of the process. I would highly recommend their team.

Jeffry G.

Brian is incredible. He is very detail oriented. He worked tirelessly on my case and he will for you too. I would recommend Swenson and Shelly to any of my friends and family.

Mckay E.

Swenson & Shelley has a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Ben M.

Brian is the best, very easy to talk to, listens patiently and is a great communicator. My personal experiences having his legal help have been awesome, he comes highly recommended, amazing group to work with, 6 stars if I could.

Nate S.

Fantastic lawyers to work with. They’re Very personable, easy to get a hold off and attentive to each of their clients. I would recommend anyone to them.

Eric D.

Brian is one of my favorite humans. He has integrity and he is a genuinely honest person. I appreciate his sense of humor and I would refer his firm to any of my closest friends and family.

Todd Y.

Swenson and Shelly Have been very considerate And thorough with me. Awesome law practice, very easy to get along with.

Nathan H.

These guy’s are amazing. The best thing is they listen to you and your needs.

Trinityj H.

Swenson & Shelley do amazing work, they kept us updated on our case during the whole process. They helped us get the medical treatment we needed after our accident and made sure we were fairly compensated for the pain and hassle of being involved in a car crash due to someone else’s negligence. I would highly recommend Swenson & Shelley.

Wayne O.

My brother was in a motorcycle accident last year In Salt Lake Country, and flew over 50 ft. was in the hospital for weeks and 8 months of physical therapy. He hired Brian as his attorney. Brian was amazing the clam when very well and was closed in a timely manner. I would recommend Brain to everyone that gets in an accident. I am happy to say that exactly 1 year after the accident my brother purchased a new motorcycle.

Ryan B.