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3 Slip and Fall Tips

Were you or a loved one seriously injured from a fall? Check out these 3 slip and fall tips, then contact our Utah attorneys to get started.

1. Slip and Fall on an Uneven Sidewalk

If you have been injured as a result of a sidewalk that is broken, uneven, or is in disrepair, whether or not you have a claim against either the homeowner or the municipality depends on a number of factors. What we recommend is, if you have been injured, to come in and talk with us. We can look into the location of where your injury took place and look and see who the responsible party is.

2. Slip and Fall on City Property

If you have been injured on a sidewalk that is owned and maintained by a city or municipality, whether or not you have a claim depends on a number of factors. One of the most important things to understand is the time frame that you have to bring a claim against a governmental agency is much shorter than it is against a private party. It’s important to hire an attorney and get an injury attorney involved early on in the case, so that we can make sure that the steps are followed and the hoops that you have to jump through are jumped through, so that we can preserve your claim.

3. Slip and Fall Case Value

Trying to determine the value of a case, if you’ve had a slip and fall accident in the state of Utah, is tough because you’ve got to look at a couple of different things. First is the severity of the injury that you have. That includes the medical treatment that you’re going to get, that you’ve already gotten, how well it worked, and how much better you got. The other thing you need to look at in these cases is if some of it is your fault, you need to take that into account in determining the value of the case, and that makes it very difficult to do, especially early on in a case.

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