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The popularity of rideshares are increasing and because of that, so are the frequency of rideshare accidents on the road. When people are opting out of using their own cars, unsurprisingly, there are more accidents. These accidents, like any other accident on the road put people in terrible shape as you likely already know. The injuries and damages that people suffer in rideshare accidents can be traumatic and life-altering. Unfortunately, there is no way to ensure that the drivers for rideshares like Uber and Lyft are any safer than anyone else on the road. They don’t need to get a special license or go through any particular training with their companies in order to work there. That means you could be getting in the car with someone who gets road rage or drives recklessly. All they need to do is show that they have a clean driving record. That doesn’t mean they are a safe or even a good driver. It could just mean that they were lucky enough to never get into trouble. When you are hurt in an accident like this, please call our Utah uber accident attorney today to set up a free consultation.

Accident in an Uber or Lyft

The sooner that you get in touch with our Utah lyft accident attorneys the better. We know everything that needs to happen from the very beginning of your case through the end of it and especially because these are unique circumstances, we want you to get in touch right away. These cases get really challenging when you’re going up against big insurance companies like those who represent Uber and Lyft. Rideshare companies know that they can fall back on their big insurance companies to protect them, but you can rely on our lawyers to advocate for you. The first thing you need to do after you receive medical care following your accident is give us a call and set up a free consultation.

Getting Justice

You only have one opportunity to file a case successfully. If you settle your case early on in the process and then later down the line in your recovery discover you need a surgery, you can’t ask for more compensation for that surgery. Whatever you settle for is going to be the result that you have to live with. We know that this means we have to fight very hard to ensure that the results you get are actually justice. It is also important that we understand what your maximum medical recovery is because we don’t want to settle the case before you’re fully healed or as good as you are going to get. We need to know about every medical expense and all of the time that you’re going to have to miss work for. We need to know all of your future losses so that can be included in your compensation, too.

All of the things that you used to do that you can no longer do because of your injuries are also going to be considered in your compensation award. Anything that has cost you money related to this accident is going to be included in your compensation award. Once you know that you have an expected date of recovery or that you are going to be permanently disabled from this event, we will be in a better position to value your case accurately.

We do have people who come in and have injuries that can clear up in a matter of months, but we also have people that will suffer for the rest of their life because of this accident and we want you to get compensation for all of these damages. Our Utah uber accident lawyers understand how to create a case that is set up to be successful and provide you with justice.

How Rideshare Cases Work

It is up to our Utah rideshare accident lawyers to cultivate the resources necessary to establish strong cases for our clients and set them up to be successful and get justice. We have a set process for how we handle these types of cases. Here’s what you need to know.

When we put together our case, we like to have certain things gathered. The police report is very helpful for us to include in our preparation for your case. It will include an investigation performed on the accident to definitively determine who was at fault for causing this accident. There are a lot of different reasons why accidents happened on the road and once we find out who is to blame for it or who is mostly to blame for causing the accident, we can point to them to have their insurance cover the compensation for your damages and injuries. We are always staying current on the laws in Utah that affect the way the case will work.

When we handle these kinds of cases versus a traditional Utah car accident case, the biggest difference is that anyone who works for a rideshare like Uber is not considered an employee but an independent contractor, which means that laws don’t apply to them the same way as they would for a regular employee for a driving company like a taxi.

These drivers are also almost always overworked because it’s a low-paying job that requires a lot of hours to be worth having. When these drivers are fatigued, it can impair their driving almost as badly as somebody who’s had a few drinks.

The drivers for companies like Uber and other rideshare apps do not have to complete any specific training, either. They only need to show that they have a clear driving record and that they have a valid driver’s license. They don’t go through a rigorous interview or training process. You might end up with someone who has aggressive driving tendencies behind the wheel and who has just been lucky enough to never have been in an accident before.

Distracted driving, especially for somebody who needs to look at their phone for directions, is also very common. These are one of the biggest reasons why accidents happen on the road.

Getting Results an Uber Accident Lawyer

For us to know that we’re getting the fullest possible settlement award for you, we need to know everything about what is covered by your insurance. The rideshare companies have very different insurance policies than an individual might have for their personal vehicle. When you have a rideshare company involved in an accident, you need to have Utah lyft accident lawyers who are familiar with these types of policies and who can utilize this knowledge to get you the best possible outcome for your case.

Swenson & Shelley begin every case the same way. We need to know everything about it and do all of the necessary investigation and case building possible to provide you with results. We know that we need to make your case very strong because the insurance company is going to try to limit you on what type of compensation award you will be receiving. Our job is to make sure it is a fair award. They want to make a profit which means they will offer you less than what you deserve. We know that to be true. That’s why it’s important for us to fight hard for you.