Nevada Truck Accident Lawyers

The Nevada truck accident lawyer team at Swenson & Shelley provides knowledgeable and dedicated legal representation. We represent accident victims who have been injured due to the negligence of truck drivers, trucking companies, or other entities. Our nationally recognized attorneys have extensive experience assisting victims of commercial truck accidents as they seek the fair compensation they deserve.

Our attorneys understand that victims require fair compensation not only to pay their bills and rebuild their lives, but also to obtain accountability and justice from those who have caused them harm. If you’ve recently been injured in an accident involving a large commercial truck, reach out today to schedule a free, no-risk case review. During your consultation, you’ll be able to ask questions, voice concerns, and learn about how our Nevada truck accident lawyers build strong legal claims for compensation on behalf of our clients.

Do You Have a Truck Accident Case?

You might have grounds upon which to file a personal injury lawsuit if your circumstances meet certain criteria. You’re likely in a solid position to seek financial recovery for your injuries if your crash was caused by careless behavior, intentionally harmful conduct, or the reckless approaches of a truck driver, truck manufacturer, trucking company, or another driver involved in the accident.

To be fairly compensated, you’ll need to prove the extent of the losses and injuries you have suffered because of the accident.

Why Truck Accident Claims Are So Complicated

Pursuing compensation via a truck accident lawsuit is often more complicated than it is to seek compensation for other kinds of auto accidents. Some of the reasons why truck accident cases are particularly complex include:

  • Victims of truck accidents tend to suffer serious injuries, which can make it necessary to estimate future anticipated medical expenses and losses. This isn’t an easy task.
  • Truck accident cases often result in significant compensation awards due to serious injuries and property damage. The risk of staggering financial liability can drive trucking companies and insurers to fight hard to minimize their responsibility.
  • Truck accident claims must be thoroughly investigated. Investigating the circumstances that surround any given wreck takes time and skill.
  • Multiple parties may be partially responsible for a single crash. This complex web of liability can lead the parties to foist blame and financial accountability onto one another.
  • Trucking companies sometimes have layered insurance policies. When coverage is layered, certain coverage is not triggered until another insurance policy’s coverage limit is exhausted. These layered insurance policies can make it difficult to determine what coverage is available and how to hold a trucking company responsible for the full amount of compensation owed.

Why You Need a Lawyer for Your Truck Accident Case

You should not have to advocate for your legal rights and interests on your own. Trucking companies and their insurers usually have many lawyers and big law firms at their disposal to help them minimize and avoid potential liability. You’ll need a lawyer who can aggressively try to hold trucking companies accountable by:

  • Thoroughly investigating your truck accident
  • Preserving evidence from the scene and from the trucking company’s records
  • Ensuring that you understand your legal rights and options so that you can make informed decisions about your situation
  • Working with expert witnesses to review evidence and build the strongest possible case on your behalf
  • Filing your claims against the driver, trucking company, insurers(and/or others, as applicable) to pursue settlements that reflect a fair accounting of your losses
  • Filing a truck accident lawsuit if litigation becomes necessary to fully recover compensation and achieve accountability.

What Compensation Can Be Recovered?

If you have been injured in a big rig accident, you may be entitled to recover compensation that covers:

  • Medical expenses, including ER and hospital care, surgeries and other procedures, prescription medications, and rehabilitation
  • Costs of long-term care for any permanent disabilities suffered due to your truck accident injuries
  • Lost wages resulting from time away from work required for treatment or recovery from your injuries
  • Loss of future income and employment benefits if you have suffered permanent disabilities that prevent you from returning to your job or full-time work
  • Impacted quality of life because resulting from disabilities or scarring/disfigurement caused by the accident
  • Physical pain
  • Emotional trauma and distress
  • Vehicle repair or replacement costs if your vehicle was damaged or totaled in a crash with a semi-truck

Who Could Be Held Liable for an 18-Wheeler Accident?

In addition to a truck driver involved in the crash, many parties may be partially or totally liable for your 18-wheeler accident. Our firm will thoroughly investigate who can be held accountable for your accident. Some of the most common parties liable for semi-truck accidents include:

  • Truck drivers
  • Trucking companies
  • Truck owners, if different than the truck driver or trucking company employing the driver
  • Any cargo or freight company responsible for loading cargo or freight onto a truck or trailer
  • Truck or trailer manufacturer
  • Third-party manufacturers of truck/trailer parts
  • Third-party mechanics who perform maintenance on trucks
  • Government agencies responsible for safely maintaining roads
  • Other motorists or travelers involved in a wreck

How Is Fault Determined in a Truck Accident?

It isn’t possible to determine who can be held liable for a wreck until the cause(s) of a wreck have been thoroughly investigated and identified. Some of the types of evidence that may be used to determine both causation and fault for a commercial truck accident include:

  • Logs from the truck’s black box, which is formally referred to as an electronic data recorder
  • The truck driver’s hours of service logs, which show how long a driver has been on duty and behind the wheel
  • The truck driver’s employment and driving records, which may be used to prove the driver had a history of unsafe driving or was not qualified to operate their vehicle
  • Results from any substance abuse screening performed on the driver following the accident
  • Dispatch logs from the trucking or freight company
  • The cargo or load manifest of the truck’s cargo
  • Inspection and maintenance logs for the truck
  • Surveillance or traffic camera footage of the truck driver or their vehicle leading up to the crash
  • Post-accident inspection reports
  • Police accident reports
  • Eyewitness testimony
  • Accident scene photos and videos

Common Causes of Commercial Truck Accidents in Nevada

Frequent causes of 18-wheeler accidents in Nevada include:

  • Excessive speeding
  • Driving too fast for current conditions
  • Aggressive or reckless driving
  • Swerving in and out of traffic
  • Unsafe turns or lane changes
  • Wide turns
  • Not checking one’s mirrors
  • Failing to signal
  • Failing to yield the right of way
  • Drowsy or fatigued driving
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol, prescription drugs, or illicit substances
  • Distracted driving
  • Unsafe cargo loads, including exceeding the weight capacity of the truck or having an unbalanced or unsecured load
  • Inadequate maintenance
  • Driver inexperience
  • Adverse weather
  • Poor road conditions

Statute of Limitations on Truck Accident Lawsuits in Nevada

If you have been involved in a truck accident in Nevada that was caused (at least, in-part) by another party, you have limited time to file a truck accident lawsuit. Nevada’s statute of limitations on truck accident lawsuits typically gives accident victims only two years from the date of a crash to file suit against the party or parties responsible for the accident in question.

If you file a lawsuit after the limitations period expires on your truck accident claim, your case will be permanently dismissed by the trial court. This means that you’ll be unable to secure the compensation to which you’d be otherwise entitled.

Tips for Protecting Your Rights after a Truck Accident in Nevada

Protecting your rights after an accident is a task that can begin at the accident scene. Tips to keep in mind following a truck accident in Nevada include:

  • Take photos or video of the accident scene as soon as possible after the crash, including details such as traffic signals and controls at the scene, skid marks or debris on the road, vehicle damage and positions after the crash, and road, weather, lighting, and traffic conditions at the time of the accident.
  • Get checked out by a physician or another medical provider immediately after the accident, so that they can diagnose and document any injuries.
  • Request copies of your medical records.
  • Keep copies of bills, invoices, and receipts for any expenses that you incur as a result of the accident.
  • Avoid posting about the accident or your injuries on social media, including posting photos or videos of yourself while still undergoing treatment for your truck accident injuries. Insurance companies often use accident victims’ social media posts to contradict or undermine their legal claims.
  • Speak with a truck accident lawyer in Nevada to learn about the next steps you’ll need to take to begin recovering compensation for your injuries.

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