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Most Dangerous Truck Companies

Everyone who has spent time on Utah roads and highways knows that commercial trucks are everywhere. While they perform a vital service in the United States, having so many trucks on the road increases the potential for serious accidents.

The consequences can be disastrous when a commercial truck collides with a passenger vehicle. And while the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) imposes strict regulations on trucking companies, some companies have better safety records than others.

What Trucking Companies are the Worst?

Several factors contribute to a company’s safety record, including:

  • The total number of truck accidents a company has recorded
  • The severity of the crashes
  • The number of accidents per total miles driven
  • The number of accidents relative to the overall size of the company

Considering these datasets, the following five trucking companies are among the most dangerous in the United States:

  • FedEx – Federal Express is divided into several divisions, including FedEx Freight and FedEx Ground. Together, these entities employ tens of thousands of drivers and have been involved in over a thousand accidents in recent years.
  • UPS –The United Parcel Service employs over 127,000 drivers. Their fleet has recorded more than 2,800 crashes in recent years, resulting in over 1,000 injuries and 70 deaths.
  • Swift – Swift Transportation Co. is based in Phoenix, Arizona. Their roster includes about 15,000 drivers. Recent data shows their vehicles were involved in over 1,000 accidents, resulting in about 300 injuries and 30 deaths.
  • Werner Enterprises – This transportation and logistics company employs about 10,500 drivers. They have recorded over 900 collisions in just two years.
  • US Xpress – The fleet of US Xpress Inc includes more than 5,000 power units operated by over 6,000 drivers. Their drivers recorded nearly 600 collisions in a two-year period, resulting in 180 injuries and 20 deaths.

If you are interested in the safety statistics for other truck companies, FMCSA maintains an online database known as the Safety Measurement System. This free tool allows you to view the safety data of any trucking company.

Most Dangerous Types of Trucks

Various types of trucks present safety concerns on the road. The five most dangerous trucks include:

  • Tanker trucks – These vehicles, which carry flammable liquids, are challenging to maneuver.
  • Flatbed trucks – Flatbeds become particularly dangerous if loaders do not secure their goods properly.
  • Garbage trucks – Waste trucks are difficult to control. They also have significant blind spots, making them prone to accidents.
  • Extra-duty trucks – These specialized commercial vehicles carry larger loads than regular trucks. They can become unstable when driving too fast.
  • 18-wheeler trucks – Sudden turning can cause 18-wheelers to jackknife.

Safest Truck Companies

The Truckload Carriers Association gives safety awards to companies based on the lowest accident frequency per million miles driven. Recent winners include:

  • JR Kays Trucking, Inc.
  • Mill Creek Motor Freight
  • Chalk Mountain Services
  • Trans-West Logistics, Inc.
  • Leonard’s Express
  • Bison Transport

What Happens When Trucking Companies Look the Other Way?

FMCSA has stringent standards for trucking companies’ hiring practices, employment standards, and vehicle safety. When a company fails to uphold these standards, it can be held liable for its negligence through a truck accident lawsuit.

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