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The Financial Strain of Personal Injuries and How Lawyers Can Help

The financial costs of treating and recovering from a severe injury can be debilitating. If someone else caused your injury, there are ways to recover compensation for your damages and losses. A personal injury lawyer can help you seek financial relief from the party responsible for your injuries by investigating your claims and aggressively pursuing a settlement or lawsuit on your behalf.

Costs Associated with Personal Injuries

Here are some of the financial expenses and hidden costs you might incur after suffering injuries in an accident.

Medical expenses

The costs associated with direct medical treatment might include emergency care, hospitalization, surgeries, doctor’s appointments, prescription medication, and purchases of medical/mobility equipment.


Depending on your injuries, you may need to undergo various types of rehab. Common types of rehabilitation include physical therapy, occupational therapy, vocational therapy, and speech therapy.


Many victims experience emotional trauma due to the accident itself, or from the injuries and disabilities they suffered as a result of it. Recovering from that trauma might require professional counseling, mental health therapy, or prescription medications.

Lost income

You could have lost out on wages or salary if your injuries prevented you from working or if they required you to transfer to a lower-paying role. Your lost earnings may also include loss of employment benefits, such as health insurance or equity compensation.

Permanent disability

You may also incur losses in the form of permanent disabilities if you cannot fully recover from your injuries, which can have significant consequences on your personal and professional life. Disabilities may prevent you from returning to work, interfere with your ability to participate in activities you previously enjoyed, or make daily tasks challenging or impossible.


Living with a prolonged disability may also require you to improve the accessibility of your home. You may need to install wheelchair ramps, handrails, chair lifts, or lowered counters and cabinets. Other costs of disabilities may involve home health care or personal assistants to help with daily activities.

Future medical costs

Beyond the accident-related expenses you’ve already incurred are the ones you will likely face in the future. You cannot file a second claim against a liable party to recover more money when you incur those future medical costs, so you need to account for these costs in your initial lawsuit.

How an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

If someone else caused an accident that injured you, you should not have to deal with the financial problems of those injuries. An experienced personal injury lawyer can help you pursue the total compensation you deserve for your financial and personal losses by:

  • Thoroughly investigating the accident to recover evidence for your personal injury claim
  • Documenting your injuries and losses to determine how much compensation you are owed
  • Identifying parties liable for your damages and losses and evaluating your legal options
  • Filing your claims and aggressively pursuing financial recovery through a settlement or at trial

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Kevin Swenson was raised in Bountiful, Utah, and is a co-founding partner of Swenson & Shelley. After graduating from Bountiful High School, Kevin attended business school at Westminster College.