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iPhone Detection Tech Used in Car Accidents

Since its initial appearance a decade and a half ago, the iPhone has excelled in offering technology to improve the health and safety of its users. Apple has continued that trend with its most recent model, the iPhone 14, by implementing a crash detection feature when drivers are involved in motor vehicle accidents. Understanding how this function works can help improve motorists’ ability to get the medical assistance they require after a crash.

What is the New iPhone Detection Tech?
Crash Detection is Apple’s recent foray into implementing its world-famous technology in car accident response efforts. If the feature is active, the iPhone 14 can alert emergency services when a traffic collision occurs. The function will also notify your emergency contacts.

How Does it Work?
The iPhone’s motion sensors, microphones, barometer, and wireless functions work together to determine when the phone is in a moving vehicle. The device’s software algorithms then use these sensors to detect when there has been a severe crash. Within 20 seconds of the collision, the phone will display a crash alert and initiate a call to emergency services unless you cancel before that time. If the accident renders you unresponsive, the phone will play an audio message to the emergency call operators, alerting them to the accident and your location.

Pros and Cons
The new iPhone crash detection feature has both benefits and limitations.


  • Can automatically alert emergency services if the user is unresponsive or unable to call for help after a crash
  • May get medical assistance to the scene faster than waiting for a bystander to call 911
  • Alerts emergency contacts that the user has likely been in an accident
  • The function is activated by default


  • Only available on recent iPhone models, not universally on all devices
  • Can lead to false alarms, unnecessary 911 calls, and unwarranted family concern if triggered accidentally
  • Accuracy depends on correct sensor readings that may malfunction or get damaged in a crash

Is This Tech in Both iOS and Android Options?

Crash Detection is currently available on the following Apple devices:

  • All iPhone 14 models
  • Apple Watch SE 2nd generation
  • Apple Watch Ultra
  • Apple Watch Series 8
  • Users should download the latest version of iOS to ensure full functionality.

The technology is also available for some Android devices. Car Crash Detection is a feature in Google Pixel phones from the Pixel 3 onwards. The feature may also become available on other Android phones but is currently unavailable to non-Pixel users.

Hurt in a Crash? Contact a Utah Car Accident Lawyer for Assistance
After a car accident, the most crucial step is to seek help for any injuries. For those who feel disoriented or are incapacitated after a crash, Apple’s new technology may significantly improve the odds of victims getting the swift medical assistance they need.

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