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Seriously Injured Due to a Commercial Vehicle Wreck

If you have been seriously injured due to a commercial vehicle wreck, you need to contact the experienced Utah truck accident lawyers at Swenson & Shelley right away. Due to their massive size, semi and commercial trucks can be the most dangerous vehicles on the road. Since semis and commercial trucks tend to weigh 30 times more than a passenger vehicle, an accident between a large truck and a passenger vehicle is more likely to result in the injury or death of the occupants of the smaller vehicle. In 2015 alone, 3,986 people were killed in large truck accidents. Of these fatalities, 66% of them were driving a passenger car, and 17% of those killed were pedestrians, motorcyclists, or bicyclists. These numbers are staggering, and they have been increasing in recent years.

Victims of these horrific accidents are often not at fault for the crash. Rather, they are innocent victims of reckless drivers or mechanical issues with the truck. These accident victims deserve compensation for the injuries they suffer, and the families of deceased victims deserve compensation, as well. Victims and their families will have the best chance of receiving this compensation if they hire a personal injury attorney, like Swenson and Shelley. A knowledgeable, experienced attorney can help victims and their families receive the justice and compensation they deserve.

If you have been seriously injured due to a commercial vehicle wreck, please contact our office right away. We don’t just care about personal injury law; we care about you.

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