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Compensation for Spine and Neck Injuries

If you are seeking compensation for spine and neck injuries—perhaps you were involved in an automotive accident—then you need to find the right attorney who will be able to work your case up in order to recover maximum compensation. At Swenson & Shelley Injury Attorneys, we pride ourselves on obtaining the results our clients deserve. Let our experience work for you.

Compensation for Spine and Neck Injuries | Common Causes

It takes a pretty serious accident to cause a spinal cord or neck injury. They can be completely devastating, and it can feel like your life is ruined. The most common causes of these types of injuries include:

  • Auto accidents
    • Motorcycle
    • Truck
    • Bus
    • Car
  • Falling from heights
  • Slip and falls
  • Acts of violence
  • Accidents that happen during sports or after school activities
  • Medical malpractice

As you may already know, these accidents can be life-changing, and you want to be able to take care of these injuries immediately after they happen to prevent them from getting worse.

Compensation for Spine and Neck Injuries | What to Do After the Accident

There is a good chance that you will be unable to move after your accident if you have a spinal cord or neck injury. If you are able to get up and move around, it is highly advised that you seek emergency medical attention immediately. If an ambulance shows up, get on it and go to the emergency room. Your health is the most important thing after an accident. You need to make sure you do not delay in seeking treatment or you could be seriously at risk for worsening your conditions.

If you are unable to stay on the scene, you can have your friend, family member, or attorney go on site and collect evidence for you. That includes the contact information from witnesses, photos of the scene, and the insurance information from whoever is liable. If it is a car accident, you would get insurance information from the person who hit you. If it was a slip and fall, you would get insurance information from the property owner.

Compensation for Spine and Neck Injuries | Call Our Firm Today

Please call our office today to setup a free consultation with our experienced Utah spinal cord and neck injury lawyers. We are more than happy to take your call. Our lawyers will not back down until you are getting the result that you deserve. Do not let the insurance companies steam roll you and convince you to take a low settlement offer. We will make sure you are fully protected and that your reward reflects the injuries you have.

Kevin Swenson was raised in Bountiful, Utah, and is a co-founding partner of Swenson & Shelley. After graduating from Bountiful High School, Kevin attended business school at Westminster College.