Mistakes To Avoid After a Truck Accident - Video

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What are some of the biggest mistakes people make when they have a truck accident injury claim?


When people are involved in a truck crash, one of the things that happens is they think that the insurance companies are going to take care of them. They wait to see what happens with the insurance company— if they take care of the car, if they tell you how to get medical treatment. People wait, and don’t take care of themselves. The insurance company is not there to look out for your best interest.

The problems that arise are just from waiting— letting things happen to the truck, letting the evidence disappear, letting the scene of the accident go without getting photographs, measurements, and without downloading information from the trucks. As you wait for an insurance company to do all that, a lot of evidence may disappear, and you’ll never have a chance to get that back.

The biggest problem that people have in dealing with a truck crash is just not acting in a timely manner. They are relying on the insurance company to protect them, and it’s never going to happen. If you have questions about a truck crash and getting protection, give our office a call.

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