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Your Injury Is More Severe Than You Think

Have you been involved in an accident and have suffered injuries? Your injury is more severe than you think! You need to act fast; call us.

Back Injury Claims

If somebody has a back injury from an accident, many times they don’t realize the pain that they’re in or the symptoms that have occurred. They think it’s like a sore back that they’ve had in the past and that after a few days it’ll go away, and many times it won’t. We recommend that you get in and see your healthcare provider right away and get that taken care of. You also need to follow your doctor’s advice.

Neck Injury Claims

Many of our clients that have been involved in an accident experience a neck injury, and a lot of them wonder, why is it that my neck hurts after the impact that I sustained? What I explain to them is an analogy, that your head weighs about the same as a bowling ball. If you were driving and you were holding a bowling ball in your hand, and you were to experience that same impact, the car comes to a stop, and your body comes to a stop, that bowling ball would fly out the window. The only reason they understand that their head does not go flying out the window is because it’s attached to your body by the neck.

In an accident, the neck experiences a tremendous amount of stress. Neck injuries are very common in injury cases, and it’s important to understand that the neck injuries don’t always manifest the moment of the crash; sometimes it takes a day or a few days before individuals start to feel the pain. It’s important to consult with an attorney who understands neck injuries and can help you understand how to resolve your injury claim when it involves a neck injury.

Brain Injury Claims

When people talk about a brain injury, it sounds very serious, and that’s because it is. Any brain injury is significant. People that have been involved in crashes frequently get diagnosed with a concussion; that means there was some type of brain injury to them. You need to follow up with your doctor and find out what you need to be doing to treat the concussion. Make sure you take care of it. Brain injuries are difficult because people look normal and, in many respects, act completely normal, but they can still have serious consequences.

Paralysis Injuries

The unfortunate reality of injury cases is sometimes people end up paralyzed. It’s important to understand, in a paralysis case, what the past medical bills are, and what the future medical care/medical needs will be as well. These paralysis injuries are life-altering and lots of times require modifications to homes, vehicles, and a workplace. It’s important to understand that there are a lot of issues at play that most people wouldn’t think of on their own.

If you have been injured and have experienced paralysis, we recommend speaking to an injury attorney who understands a paralysis case and can make sure that you get full and fair compensation for all of your damages.

Were you or a loved one seriously injured in an accident and have questions? Your injury is more severe than you think!

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