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Tips for a Successful Claim

Have you suffered a serious brain injury after an accident? Injuries like this can be very scary time, health-wise, but there are still ways where you can recover financial compensation from the negligent party. Here are some tips for a successful claim.

Tips for a Successful Claim | Statute of Limitations

In Utah, if you want to bring a claim, you need to do so within 4 years from the date of your accident. If a medical malpractice incident caused your injuries, you have 2 years from the date of your accident to bring the claim. It is best to not wait as to preserve your evidence from the scene of your accident as well as get information from the witnesses as soon as possible so that you have their clearest memories. Always act as fast as possible in the event of a brain injury. That goes for medical attention and finding the right attorney.

Tips for a Successful Claim | Don’t Speak to the Insurance Company

Something else you should be aware of when bringing your claim is that the liable party’s insurance company is going to reach out to you and try to get information in the form of a recorded statement. If you are being called by the insurance company, make sure that you do not say anything to them. You have no legal obligation to take their call. You can, however, tell them that any questions they have should be directed to your attorney who will take care of it for you.

Tips for a Successful Claim | Determining Liability

With a brain injury, there are many possible accidents that could have caused it. For your own particular accident, you need to figure out who is the liable party. If you were hurt in a slip and fall, you need to alert the property owner to your accident so that they have record of your accident. If it was an auto accident, you need to get the insurance information from the other driver who hit you. Whoever was liable for the accident, that person needs to be held responsible for your damages.

Tips for a Successful Claim | Document Evidence

On the scene of the accident, either do this yourself or have someone else do it for you; collect evidence. You want the names and contact information from any and all witnesses. You also want to take photos of what caused your accident. For instance, if there were loose wires that you tripped and fell on, take a photo of that. Always keep in mind that you should never say it was your fault. Not on the scene, and not later on the phone with the insurance company. If it’s not your fault, but you wrongly blame it on yourself, then you might ruin your chances at full and fair compensation.

If you need an experienced Utah brain injury attorney, please call our office today to set up a free consultation. You want to make sure you hire an attorney right away so that you have the best chance at getting the most compensation possible. We want to make you a priority and support you through this whole process from start to finish. We are eager to take your call.

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