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Hiring a Rideshare Accident Lawyer

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How do I pick the best attorney for my rideshare accident claim?


If you’ve been seriously injured in a crash that involves a rideshare vehicle, which typically is going to be an Uber or a Lyft vehicle, it’s important that you select the right attorney for your claim. First, we suggest that you seek out the help of an attorney who dedicates their practice to personal injury law. Second, you want to find an attorney who stays current on the issues, understands how the laws interact with rideshare companies, and understands how those claims are processed. You want an attorney or law firm who focuses their practice on these specific cases.

Third, you want to make sure that you hire a trial attorney who isn’t afraid to go to court and take your case to trial. A trial attorney is going to prepare your case differently from the very beginning. In the event an insurance company is unwilling to make a fair settlement offer on your claim, your case is prepared for trial from day one. The insurance companies and adjusters understand who the trial attorneys are and are typically going to value those claims differently than claims that are handled by attorneys who are not trial attorneys.

It is important that you have the right people in your corner because the stakes are high when you are fighting for your rights to compensation. The compensation that is on the line here can include:

economic damages
non economic damages
Your economic damages include all of the ways that you lost money relating to the rideshare accident. Those damages can be your ambulance ride, ER fees, follow up doctor appointments, X-rays, surgeries, physical therapy, lost wages and lost earning capacity. If your injuries made you miss work and lose out on wages, that is an economic damages the same as if you lost your job because you can’t physically do it due to your injuries.

Non economic damages are your temporary and permanent pain and suffering. That includes everything you went through immediately after the accident as well as what you are likely to suffer through after you begin the treatment process. If you have lost the ability to enjoy life like you used to, that is included in your non economic damages. If your rideshare accident has made you suffer in any way then that should be reflected in your compensation award.

We take our job to fight for your justice seriously. We push to hold the liable party accountable.

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