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Compensation for Bus Accidents

Only an experienced Utah personal injury lawyer will have the skill and know-how to obtain maximum compensation for bus accidents. If you have been seriously injured, please contact our office today to consult with our dedicated injury attorneys.

Compensation for Bus Accidents | Shared Fault

Utah is a state that follows shared fault rules which affects how much compensation you may be eligible for. Here is how the rule works: If you are found to be 50% or more at fault for the cause of the accident, you will be completely barred from compensation altogether. If you are found to be less than 50% at fault, then your compensation will be reduced. If you share no fault in causing the accident (you were a passenger sitting on the bus when it collided with a car) then you would get full compensation. To give you an example of how the reduction of compensation works, let’s say you were deemed 10% to blame for the accident for whatever reason. Now, let’s say your compensation reward is $10,000. Because you shared fault under 50%, you have to have a reduction in your compensation. You would take 10% away from that $10,000 reward which would give you $9,000. Our Utah bus accident lawyers work hard to get you the fullest and fairest amount of compensation possible.

Compensation for Bus Accidents | Statute of Limitations

It is possible that you have never heard of a statute of limitations. What the term means is a time period in which you can bring your bus accident claim or settle it in court. In Utah, the statute of limitations is four years. You will have four years in which you can bring or settle your case. If you procrastinate and call a lawyer the day after this four-year time limit runs out, they cannot help you. It is not a loose rule, it is definite. You should never wait to start a bus accident claim. Once you are physically able to contact a lawyer, you should. They will make sure that the essential elements for a successful claim are in order. The sooner all of this happens, the better.

When you are involved in a bus accident, it can really turn your life upside down and cause you and your family a lot of stress. We want to help make your life a lot easier after this accident. We will take on the stress of all things legal and we will do what we need to do to get you the compensation you deserve. Please call our Utah bus accident lawyers today to get a free initial consultation.

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