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Common Causes of Car Accidents

There is no way to predict when, how, or why an accident will occur. There are, however, many common causes of accidents that can be avoided. By recognizing these hazards and working to avoid them, many vehicle accidents can be avoided altogether. Having this knowledge can make the road safer for all drivers.

Common Causes of Car Accidents | Road Hazard

Fallen trees, construction site objects, property lost from another vehicle, potholes, and even animals can be considered road hazards. These hazards are very common to encounter while driving, which is why they are responsible for many accidents each year. With road hazards, it is sometimes difficult to prove who is at fault. However, the right attorney can work to get to the bottom of who is to blame for the accident and help the victim receive the compensation they are entitled to.

Common Causes of Car Accidents | Speeding

Speeding drastically increases the likelihood of having an accident. A driver who is speeding will have less time to react to changes on the road such as stopped vehicles, vehicles changing lanes, and road hazards. A vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed can cause much more damage than a vehicle that is going the speed limit. Because of this, accidents caused by speeding are usually very devastating. Victims of vehicle accidents caused by speeding should do all they can, with the help of a knowledgeable attorney, to pursue action against the speeding driver.

Common Causes of Car Accidents | Alcohol

Drunk driving continues to be a major problem across the United States. With a limit of just .05%, Utah has the lowest legal alcohol limit of any state in the US. This means that anyone driving a vehicle with a blood alcohol content of over .05% is guilty of driving under the influence. When accidents are caused by drunk drivers, it is the unsuspecting victims they crash into that suffer the most. Victims of drunk drivers should let Swenson and Shelley handle their legal issues, so they can focus on recovering from their accident.

Common Causes of Car Accidents | Distracted Driving

Despite the increasing awareness about the dangers of distracted driving, many accidents are caused by using cell phones and other devices while driving. Texting and driving accounts for nine deaths and over 1,000 injuries every single day in the United States. The victims of distracted drivers will suffer unduly from their uncaring actions and are entitled to compensation as a result.

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