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3 Bicycle Accident Questions

Did you get hit while riding your bike and need legal help? Check out these 3 bicycle accident questions, then call our lawyers today.

1. Can I recover compensation if I was partially at fault in a bicycle accident?

A lot of people wonder, after they’ve been injured in a bicycle crash, “What if I am partially at fault?” We have these conversations with people and explain to them that you still can make a recovery, even if you were partially at fault. In Utah, you can bear some of the responsibility and some of that fault and still make a recovery against an insurance carrier.

2. How does bicycle accident compensation work in Utah?

If you have been injured in a bicycle crash in the state of Utah and you believe that you have some of the responsibility in the collision, it is still possible that you can make a claim for your damages and your injuries. In the state of Utah, an injured party can make a claim for their damages as long as the injured individual is less than 50% responsible for the collision.

3. Do I have a valid claim if a pothole caused my bicycle accident?

If you’re riding a bicycle and you happen to be injured by a pothole or poorly maintained road, you may have a claim. It may also have a shorter time period to bring that claim because it’s against the city, state, or county, and you still have to prove that they did something wrong and that they were at fault.

Were you or a loved one injured while riding a bike and have questions about bicycle accidents?

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