Commercial Motor Vehicles - Video

Do you have questions about what is considered a commercial motor vehicle in Utah? Watch this video for guidance, then call our attorneys.


What is a commercial motor vehicle in Utah?


Many people ask what a commercial motor vehicle is. Clearly, the first thing you think of is a semi-truck, but you’re also looking at the box delivery trucks that you see all around. Those are generally commercial motor vehicles. Anything that’s 10,000 pounds or above, and is being used for a commercial purpose, can be a commercial motor vehicle. That changes how it’s to be driven and what requirements apply to it. That can even be a landscaper with a large trailer and a big pickup truck. They can exceed that weight and become a commercial motor vehicle.

There are all kinds of commercial motor vehicles, including buses, trucks, and delivery trucks. If you have questions about whether your crash involved a commercial motor vehicle, please give our office a call.

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