Bus Accident Injury Claims - Video

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What’s the difference between a bus accident claim and a car crash claim?


If you have been injured by a bus in the state of Utah, there are some differences that are important that our clients need to be aware of. First, buses are typically much larger than the objects or the vehicles that they strike, and so the forces are different. You need to understand what those forces are and how that impacts the type of injuries that you sustain and how severe those injuries are.

Second, you’re typically dealing with a corporate policy, which typically carry higher insurance limits, so there usually is a greater amount of insurance to cover the injuries you sustain. A third issue is, lots of times, buses are owned by either states or cities, or municipalities or school districts, which are governmental agencies, and if the bus that injured you is owned by a governmental agency, there are different rules that apply. You have a shorter amount of time to bring a claim. There are certain steps you have to take, and if you fail to take any of those steps, you could lose your right to make a claim.

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