Truck Accident Scene Investigation - Video

Learn about why it’s important to conduct a truck accident scene investigation in this video. Then, call our truck accident attorneys in Utah.


Why is it important to start investigating a truck accident scene right away?


Whenever there’s a commercial motor vehicle accident, timing becomes very important. It’s more important than in a regular car crash case because there’s so much electronic data involved. Insurance companies have what they call a quick strike team. The quick strike team instructs the driver to call the police or dispatch as soon as there’s a crash of any kind. They’ll call the police, so they know about it immediately. The quick strike team will get a call in the middle of the night to get out and look at a scene.

Trucks have so much electronic data on them now that if you let people mess with those or they get moved too many times, all of that information goes away. The earlier, the better. Speed is really important in getting to a truck crash scene.

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