Pedestrian Accident Settlement Timeline - Video

Are you wondering how long your case will take to settle? Watch this video about the pedestrian accident settlement timeline in Utah to find out.


How long will a pedestrian accident case take?


If you’ve been injured as a pedestrian in the state of Utah, you probably want to know how long it’s going to take to get this case resolved. That’s a very tricky question to answer because it depends on a couple of things. One, how seriously are you injured? Two, how long are those injuries going to last? Depending on the specific facts of the case, how much the insurance company wants to fight or say it’s your fault, or deny responsibility for their driver. All of those factors go into determining how long a case will take to get resolved. The one thing that’s important is that you get an attorney who’s going to move the case forward and keep the case moving forward, whatever the process is.

Were you or a loved one struck by a vehicle while walking and have questions about how long a pedestrian accident case will take?

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