Negligent Security Settlement Timeline - Video

Are you wondering how long yoru case will take to settle? Watch this video about the negligent security settlement timeline in Utah to find out.


How long will my negligent security case take?


If you’ve been injured in a claim that results from negligent security or failure of a property owner to provide security, a lot of times people want to know how long that case is going to take to get resolved. There’s no way to tell you without knowing the specific details of your case. I can tell you that insurance companies tend to fight pretty hard on this type of case, so you want to plan the case right from the beginning as if you were going to trial. You want to prepare and provide the insurance company with good information and get good information from their employees that’s going to support your claim.

The case needs to always be moving forward to a resolution, but it’s a type of case that has a better shot than some of going to trial. The key in that is making sure that the case is moving forward, and that the client always knows where they’re at, and they’re not afraid of the case going to trial because they know they’ll be ready and their attorney will be ready.

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