Differences Between Truck and Car Accidents - Video

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What are the differences between a truck accident and a car accident?


We are often asked what the difference is between handling a car crash case and handling a truck crash case. There are two major differences. One difference is the insurance companies always put their more senior, more veteran adjusters on the trucking cases. They are more experienced. They know how to handle a claim better. They fight more. Not that they don’t do those things on a car crash case, but they do it at a different level. They spend a lot of money defending truck crash cases.

The second big difference is just the amount of data that’s available in a truck crash case. You have driver’s logs, so you know how long they’ve been driving and from where. You also have different sets of telematics or measuring devices that are on the truck to keep track of everything from average speeds to last stop to when they’re on duty and off duty. While you have some of that information in passenger cars, and it’s becoming more common, you don’t have the volume of data that you have in a trucking case.

Those are the two biggest differences. If you want to talk about a specific case or your case, please give our office a call and we’d be happy to talk to you about it.

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