AFFF Firefighter Cancer Lawsuit - Video

Are you a firefighter who has been exposed to AFFF? Watch this video to learn how we can help with an AFFF firefighter cancer lawsuit in Utah.


I am a firefighter who has cancer due to AFFF exposure; do I have a case?


You hear about a lot of things that can cause cancer. One of the things that’s a real problem for people right now is a firefighting foam, referred to as AFFF. It’s a firefighting foam that was used primarily in airports for airport fires, but it’s for any kind of petroleum fire and is used frequently in those kinds of settings. Firefighters throughout the country, as well as military firefighters, spend a lot of time training with that type of foam.

If you are a firefighter who has been exposed to AFFF, and you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, you may have a claim based on the use of the AFFF. Please give our office a call. We’d be happy to talk with you about a potential case.

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