Attitude Towards Truck Drivers - Video

We are often asked if we hate truck drivers. Watch this video to learn about our attitude towards truck drivers. Then call our Utah attorneys.

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Do you hate truck drivers?


We get asked all the time if we hate truck drivers, because we spend so much of our time focusing on trucking cases and going after the commercial motor vehicle crashes. We absolutely do not hate truck drivers. We think they do a great job. They’re important in our economy, and we think they’re put in a very tough situation. There are very strict requirements on how many hours they can drive, how many hours they can work, what they can do, and there are companies out there that just try to push them beyond those limits all the time.

We have a systematic problem that creates dangers for these truck drivers and for others on the road. As such, we want to go after the trucking companies because they’re the ones that push so hard and create the problems that we see on a regular basis. We don’t hate truck drivers. We like truck drivers, and we want to have safer drivers on the freeways.

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