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Who’s responsible for paying my medical bills in a truck accident?


If you’re involved in a crash in the state of Utah that involves a commercial motor vehicle, the first place that you get insurance coverage is from your own car insurance company. You get what’s called personal injury protection— PIP or no-fault coverage. That pays medical bills, may pay some wages, and a few other things. After that, you’re looking at the person that’s responsible.

If it was the commercial motor vehicle that was at fault, then you’re looking at their insurance policies for the next layer of payment. They only pay once, so you have to know what your damages are. You have to present your damages and make your case. They don’t pay out once and then tell you to come back in three years if you’re not as well as you hoped to be. They won’t reevaluate it, so it’s important that you put together a complete package of what damages have been caused, make that claim, and get the case resolved on that one level of insurance.

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