Woman hurt in I-15 car, semi-truck crash in Kaysville

KAYSVILLE, UT – A woman was hospitalized after getting struck by a semi-truck on I-15 near 300 North Monday. 

According to Fox 13 Now, the driver of the semi-truck went into the left lane and did not notice the driver of the passenger vehicle. As a result, the impact of the lane change caused the semi-truck to push the gray car onto the left-side barrier. 

As indicated in the photos, the collision led to the truck rolling over and landing on its side. In addition, the vehicle spilled metal pieces onto the road. 

The driver of the passenger vehicle, the woman, was trapped inside her car and was able to get out thanks to aid from emergency crews. She was transported to a hospital for non-life-threatening injuries.   

It is unclear if the driver of the semi-truck was hurt. 

Updates will be posted to the news blog upon confirmation. 

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