Two dead, three injured from separate Davis, Utah County crashes

DAVIS COUNTY, UT – Two lives were claimed in two different car crashes in Spanish Fork Canyon and Saratoga Springs, and three were injured in separate vehicle crashes in Clearfield Monday, KSL reported. 

Spanish Fork Canyon crash 

One crash involved a semi-truck. It took place on US Highway 6 in Spanish Fork Canyon. One person succumbed to their injuries and died. Although it is unclear what led to the crash and if another vehicle was involved. 

Saratoga Springs Crash 

Another person’s life was taken in a car versus bus crash on Redwood Road in Saratoga Springs. Nineteen-year-old Caden Simmons attempted to make a left turn and was struck by a bus. 

Simmons is in critical condition. The person with him, Lauren Scott, 20, was taken to a hospital where she died from her injuries. No one from the bus was harmed. 

Clearfield Crashes 

Another bus crash occurred in Clearfield’s Freeport Center. A car hit the bus after driving through a red light. 

The bus driver was unharmed, while one bus passenger sustained non-life-threatening injuries. The driver of the car suffered unspecific injuries. 

A semi-truck driver was injured after colliding with a box truck on the northbound lanes of I-15 in Clearfield. 

At the time of reporting, all northbound lanes of I-15 were closed. 

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