Two critically injured in Salt Lake City car wreck

SALT LAKE CITY, UT – Two drivers were hospitalized after a police chase led to a car wreck on Friday. 

According to KSL TV News Channel 5, a driver of a passenger car was driving at high speed on I-215. The driver proceeded to pass a Utah Highway Patrol vehicle. The trooper in that vehicle attempted to catch up to the driver and, in the process, witnessed that driver colliding with another car. 

It appears the two drivers were the only people involved in the collision. Both were taken to a hospital for critical life-threatening injuries. As seen in the initial source, it a red and white car both sustained significant damage. The impact eventually led the white vehicle to overturn and land on its hood. 

The Salt Lake City Police Department is investigating the details of Friday’s incident, which means no additional information is available at this time. Still, our newsroom will issue updates when they become available. 

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