Driver fails to yield, crashes into another car in Cedar City

CEDAR CITY, UT – Officials were called to a two-vehicle collision near the Cedar City Regional Airport before noon Thursday. 

According to St. George News, the crash happened when a driver of a westbound Hyundai failed to yield to oncoming traffic and collided with a southbound Impala, which did have the right of way. The Impala struck the rear passenger side, as indicated in the source’s photo. 

The impact of the crash led the two vehicles to come to rest in opposite corners. 

The Hyundai spun before coming to “rest at a northeast corner” while the Impala collided with a “newly installed post for a crosswalk button.” 

The drivers appeared to be unharmed and did not need to be taken to the hospital. 

Officials did point out that the traffic lights at the intersection were out of service. However, it is unclear if this factor may have contributed to the collision. New traffic lights are in the process of installation and should be ready by this week. 

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