Buick driver runs red light, causes T-bone crash in Cedar City 

CEDAR CITY, UT – A driver of a black Buick SUV drove through a red light at the 300 West and 200 North intersection, resulting in a Subaru getting T-boned around 8 a.m. Wednesday. 

According to St. George News, the Buick driver claimed she did not know she had a red light, but eyewitnesses said otherwise, stating that the light was “’solid red for at least a few seconds.’” Officials said the driver will probably be cited for going against the traffic light. 

The force of this collision led first responders to perform extrication methods, such as using hydraulic tools, to free the woman and man from the Subaru. Officials did not say how many were hurt and only revealed that minor injuries were sustained. 

The vehicles suffered significant damage and were towed. 

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