Slips and Falls

While at work, out shopping, or just walking around town, everyone should have a reasonable expectation of safety while doing daily activities. However, every day, many people suffer from harmful slips and falls due to dangerous conditions. Things like standing water, ice, and other obstacles are very likely to cause a slip and fall accident. Therefore, property and business owners should do everything in their power to ensure surfaces are free of these hazardous obstructions.

When a property or business owner fails to make safety a priority, the likelihood of innocent people experiencing a slip and fall accident increases greatly. Unfortunately, millions of people suffer from a slip and fall each year, and the victims of these terrible accidents can suffer a variety of injuries. After a slip and fall accident occurs, it’s important for victims to hire a reputable attorney, like Swenson and Shelley, so they can receive the compensation they deserve. Those who have suffered a slip or fall do not have to suffer alone. The following information about slips and falls will help victims and their families get educated on the matter and decide which steps they should take after the accident.

Injuries from Slips and Falls

There are many different injuries that can occur when a person slips or falls unexpectedly. Some accidents can even be fatal. The risk of serious injury or fatality because of a slip or fall increases greatly with age, but no one is exempt from suffering a slip and fall injury. The most common injuries from falls are broken or fractured bones, head injuries, and spinal injuries. These injuries can range in severity, but each and every injury caused by a slip or fall, due to a property or business owner’s negligence, should receive compensation. By hiring an attorney that is ready to fight on the victim’s behalf, slip and fall sufferers can get the injury compensation they deserve.

Broken or Fractured Bones

Bone breaks and fractures are a common injury in slips and falls. When victims fall forcefully onto any area of the body, there is always a risk for a broken or fractured bone. The risk of breaking or fracturing a bone from a slip and fall accident increases with age, and the older the victim, the more complicated, lengthy, and dangerous the healing process can be. When a major bone is broken, such as the femur, hip, collarbone, or knee, recovery can take a very long time, and the victim may never heal completely. When a broken or fractured bone effects a person’s quality of life, they should fight for the compensation they deserve.

Head Injuries

Head injuries are another serious injury caused by slips and falls. If a victim is unable to catch themselves, falls directly onto their head, or falls from a great height, serious head trauma can occur. Head injuries can range from mild disorientation to severe trauma and, in some cases, these head injuries can be fatal. The recovery time for head injuries differs greatly. Unfortunately, some victims with severe head injuries may never be the same after their accident. Memory loss, loss of motor function, and debilitating headaches can affect victims for the rest of their lives. These serious injuries require a lot of medical care and recovery time, and victims should be compensated for the expenses incurred.

Spinal Injuries

When a person slips or falls onto their neck, back, or in a way that extends or compresses the spine, a serious spinal injury can result. Spinal injuries have some of the most devastating effects of all other injuries. Consistent, excruciating pain, nerve damage, and even paralysis, can be caused by a spinal injury. These injuries often require long hospital stays, extensive time in rehab, and can alter the rest of the victim’s life. Many victims of spinal injuries may never be able to return to work, or can not longer enjoy the activities they once loved. The medical bills and lost earnings due to spinal injuries should not turn into a financial burden for a slip and fall victim. Rather, they should seek compensation, so they can focus, not on money, but on personal recovery.

Slip and Fall Statistics

The number of slip and fall victims each year, as well as the many injuries they suffer, are quite startling. The statistics for slip and fall accidents include injuries from many different places. From employees hurt at work, to customers injured while patronizing a business, the statistics take a sweeping look at all the people who suffer from these accidents each year. It is evident that slips and falls are extremely common, and injuries suffered can be extreme. These statistics provide a look into the devastation of slip and fall accidents throughout the year.

  • Falls are the number one cause of accidental injury
  • Slips and falls account for nearly one million emergency room visits each year
  • Women are more likely to suffer a slip and fall injury than men
  • Slips and falls are the leading cause of workers compensation claims
  • In 2015, 15,000 people over the age of 65 suffered a fatality from a fall

Utah Slip and Fall Claim Laws

The laws for slip and fall claims vary from state to state. Who is responsible, what victims are entitled to, and how the suit is handled can be very different from one state to the next. In Utah, there are laws in place to protect people from slips and falls, as well as laws regarding what responsibilities businesses have. Any person who has suffered a slip and fall on another person’s property should contact a personal injury attorney, such as Swenson and Shelley, for more information about slip and fall claim laws.

  • Property and business owners are required to make their property safe for all visitors
  • Slip and fall accidents fall under premise liability, which also includes dog bites and negligence
  • Filing slip and fall claims that occurred on government property can be more difficult
  • The way the case is treated may depend on the victim’s relationship with the property owner

Action to Take After a Slip and Fall Accident

There are a few things that should be done after suffering from a slip and fall. By following a few steps after suffering a slip and fall injury, the chance of receiving compensation for the injury increases greatly. When victims don’t act quickly after suffering a slip and fall accident, they may not have a case to claim compensation. Rather than waiting for the situation to resolve itself, victims should act quickly.

Seek Medical Attention

Any injury received during a slip and fall accident should be looked at by a medical professional. Depending on the severity of the injury, medical attention can be obtained in a few ways. For serious injuries, emergency medical services should be called to the scene of the fall. For less serious injuries, victims should be driven to an emergency room for medical care. Even if the injury is only slightly painful, it is a good idea to have it looked at. Getting a medical professional involved early on will decrease the chances of a small injury developing into a bigger one. Make sure that this medical attention is documented, taking care that all test results, doctor’s orders, and medical bills are saved. Having medical documents will help to make a slip and fall lawsuit much stronger, as well.

Document the Incident

Taking pictures of the scene, noting any missing signage, documenting what caused the fall, and having the names of any other people involved will be very helpful. If the slip and fall occurred in a business, the incident should be documented, and paperwork should be filed, as soon as possible. It is important to take notes about the area where the fall occurred before anything is changed. Changes in the scene from various things, such as employees putting the proper signage or warnings in place, cleaning up whatever caused the slip and fall accident, and witnesses of the accident leaving the scene, can all affect the strength of a case. By documenting every detail immediately, the cause of the slip and fall will be clearer, and the victim is more likely to get the compensation they deserve.

Contact an Attorney

Immediately after suffering from a slip and fall accident, it is important to contact an attorney. A reliable personal injury attorney will handle any necessary paperwork. They will also speak to insurers, property owners, and other attorneys so the victim isn't bothered by questions and accusations. An attorney will also make sure all legal filings are completed on time. Having an attorney to handle every aspect of the case allows victims to focus on their recovery.

Importance of a Lawyer After a Slip and Fall

Many people think of a lawyer as someone whose purpose is to fight for their client in court. However, lawyers have many other important roles, especially when it concerns personal injuries. The right personal injury attorney does not only make sure their client gets what they deserve, they will make the entire process much easier.

Handle the Insurance Companies

Victims of a slip and fall should never talk to insurance companies. The property or business owner’s insurer is likely to get in contact with the victim. They will make it seem as if they have the victim’s interests in mind. In reality, these insurers are focused on settling for the lowest amount possible. Anything a victim says to an insurer, or anything they sign from the insurer, greatly decreases their chance of winning a settlement. Rather than the victim talking to, and being questioned by, an insurance company, they should let their attorney do the talking. The right attorney can make sure an insurance company doesn’t harass a victim after a slip and fall accident.

Get the Compensation that is Deserved

Everyday, people suffer a slip and fall accident, but never seek compensation. There are many reasons people don’t ask for what they deserve after a slip and fall accident. They may feel embarrassed to ask. They may think their accident doesn’t deserve compensation. Or, they may not realize what options they have when filing a suit. The right attorney can explain the victim’s rights, suggest the compensation they should seek, and give them all the claim options that are available. By hiring a personal injury attorney, like Swenson and Shelley, victims have a much better chance at getting what they deserve.

Clients Can Focus on Recovery

When an attorney takes on the technical matters in a slip and fall claim, the victim can focus on recovering from the accident. When all the legal documents and paperwork fall on the victim’s shoulders, they are likely to feel overwhelmed. Victims simply aren’t equipped to handle all the legal issues that arise after a slip and fall accident. Instead, they can hire a knowledgeable attorney to handle these details, while they make getting better their main priority.

Hire Swenson and Shelley for Slips and Falls

When looking for a personal injury attorney after a slip and fall, look no further than Swenson and Shelley. We are dedicated, knowledgeable professionals who take every case seriously. With our wealth of experience and aggressive approach, Swenson and Shelley will give clients the best chance of getting the compensation they should receive. As skilled personal injury attorneys, we will fight for our clients, make the process as easy as possible, and give each case the attention it deserves. To receive help with a slip and fall accident claim, contact Swenson and Shelley, the St. George, Utah personal injury attorneys.