What Mistakes Should I Avoid?

I’m often asked what some of the common mistakes that people make after being involved in an auto accident case are in the state of Utah. Some of the most common mistakes that I see as a personal injury attorney are one, they don’t seek out the medical care that they need right away. If you have been injured, you need to seek out the medical care of a doctor as quickly as you can so that you can begin the healing process and make a full physical recovery.

Two is people a lot of times don’t follow the recommendations of their doctor. If a doctor is suggesting that you come back for a follow-up appointment or suggesting that you do some sort of therapy, you need to follow the recommendations of that doctor. Three is people don’t hire an attorney to help them with their auto accident case. An attorney can step in early on, can organize a case, and help you not make some of the common mistakes that people make when they’re trying to run a case on their own.

Fourth is you need to make sure that you’re hiring an attorney who understands the personal injury process and is a trial attorney. An attorney that is taking cases to court and taking cases to a jury verdict gets treated differently by insurance companies and insurance defense attorneys than an attorney who is unwilling to do that.