How Long Will This Case Take?

I’m often asked, “How long is it going to take to settle a wrongful death claim in the state of Utah?” The answer to that question depends on a number of factors. We need to understand who the heirs or potential claimants are. We need to understand what the economic losses are, how much income was this individual earning, and what effect that loss of income has on the individuals that have been left behind, in addition to how to value somebody’s life from a perspective of the pain and suffering that is caused by losing a loved one.

We compile this information and we create the stories to help the insurance company understand what the harms, and losses, and damages are when a loved one has been lost. In many cases, we’re able to negotiate a fair, full settlement on a wrongful death case. In the event that the insurance company is unwilling to make a fair offer, we then would push your case into the court system and into litigation. We are always pushing cases to a resolution as quickly as we can, but also understand that you only get to settle these cases one time. We want to make sure that we have a good understanding of what the damages are before we bring your case to a resolution.