How Long Will the Case Take?

The other day, I had an individual come into my office who, while shopping, stepped in a slippery material and fell down, and they were injured. They wanted to know, “How long is this case going to take to settle or resolve?” I explained to them there are a number of factors that come into play, but usually the biggest factor is the type of injuries sustained and how long it’s going to take you to recover from those injuries. Some injuries are minor, and you make quick recoveries from those injuries, and some injuries are more severe and require more time and more medical care to make a recovery.

Once you have made a recovery from your injuries, or reached a stable point, we then communicate with your doctors and gather up your bills and your records. We use those bills and records to negotiate a full and fair settlement with the insurance company. A lot of times we’re successful and we’re able to bring a claim to a resolution at that point. At times, insurance companies are unwilling to offer full and fair value, and so we then have to file litigation and take your case to court.

Understand that we are always pushing as aggressively and as quickly as we can to bring your case to a resolution, while also understanding you only get to settle these cases once. We don’t want to settle these cases until we have a full understanding and idea of what your injuries are.