How Do I Pick the Right Attorney?

If you’ve been injured because of a slip and fall accident in the state of Utah, you may want to know how to hire the right attorney. You want to look at a couple of different things including experience, the focus of the practice, and you want a trial lawyer.

You want somebody who’s experienced because these cases are quite difficult. You want somebody who knows how to deal with the case, how to navigate through the case, and somebody who’s done it multiple times successfully. You want somebody who focuses on personal injury and these types of claims specifically, because it’s hard to understand the smaller parts of the case if you just dabble. If I’m doing criminal cases one day, and then trying to do adoptions the next day, and then I try to fit in your slip and fall case, that’s a difficult thing to do.

These cases are tough. We want to prepare them from the beginning as if you’re going to have to go to trial. A lot of the insurance companies for these businesses don’t want to pay anything on these cases. You want to have somebody that the insurance company knows will take the case to trial and will be ready for trial.