Bicycle Accident Injury Claims in Utah

Bicycle Accident Injury Claims in Utah

Bicycle Accident Injury Claims in Utah

Watch this video to learn how serious bicycle accident injury claims are different from a car on car accident. Call our office to schedule a free consultation.

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What’s the difference between a bicycle accident claim and a car crash claim?


If you have been injured on a bicycle in the state of Utah, there are a few differences that you need to understand that are different from when you’re injured in a vehicle. First off, bicycles typically don’t carry the same type of liability insurance that you would have if you were riding in a vehicle. Second, the injuries are typically more extensive. If you have been injured on a bicycle, we suggest that you get medical care immediately to help you understand what your injuries are and how to make a full, physical recovery. Third, we recommend that you hire an experienced bicycle attorney who understands how the different insurances interact with each other, and preferably a trial attorney who has a reputation and is known for taking cases to trial and to a jury verdict.

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